Shiatsu Therapy

by Wellness-touch in Lillesand

Shiatsu was originally developed in Japan. It represents an integral form of bodywork. It follows the principles of Chinese medicine, which is based on the harmonic flow of energy through the body.

Wellness-touch in Lillesand offers Shiatsu therapy. Shiatsu is a „complementary therapy“, aimed at increasing the body’s ability to heal itself and to further physical and spiritual well-being. Clients remain dressed in loose comfortable clothing during this treatment.




Shiatsu by wellness-touch combines several methods during the session. By applying pressure to specific energy paths and energy points combined with stretching exercises, joint rotations and mobilization, tensions can be relieved and blockages dissolved. As a result the entire body is able to relax and find inner harmony.



Shiatsu can provide relief for people suffering from insomnia, fatigue, stress, migraines, backaches, menstrual abnormalities or digestive problems. Shiatsu is also very often used to treat stiffness or restricted movement after an accident or surgery. Moxibustion is also used in many cases in order to improve the results.




Gift certificates are available, valid for one year from the date of purchase. What better way to show family or friends how much you care.
1 shiatsu hour therapy in Lillesand costs NOK 600. Thereafter, 1 hour shiatsu costs NOK 775.

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