Kristina Hansen

Wellness-touch in Lillesand

Kristina Hansen was born in New Jersey, USA. After receiving her Bachelor of Science and her professional career as Textile Designer, Kristina Hansen began her education at the Ohashi Institute in New York as a shiatsu therapist.

In 1992 Kristina relocated to Switzerland. In 1994 she received her Shiatsu Therapist Diploma in Zürich. She opened the Zürich branch of the MI Zai Shiatsu- Institute Zürich in 1997 with Luigi Gargiulo, the founder the Mi Zai Shiatsu-Institute in Italy.

She successfully completed the Mi Zai Diploma, Mi Zai Instructor Diploma and the Mi Zai Shiatsu Post Graduate Study Program. At this time she also taught Mi Zai Shiatsu in Switzerland, USA and Italy.

Having practiced shiatsu since 1994 and with the experience in teaching, she has gained a profound knowledge of Shiatsu.

Wellness-touch offers Endermologie, the treatment of cellulite and connective tissue problems, shiatsu therapy, shiatsu courses and wellness consultations. The wellness-touch objective is to offer therapeutic services to increase general health and wellbeing.

Wellness-touch in Lillesand

2007 Kristina Hansen established wellness-touch.

To further enhance her knowledge, she expanded her spectrum with a 3 year program of further education in Constitutional Meridian Therapy as well as in the interactive abilities of Chinese medicine with Josef Viktor Müller of the Ben Shen School for Accupuncture.

Additional Postgraduate Seminars with Josef Müller and several visits to the annual TCM Congress in Rothenburg a. d. Tauber, Germany, as well as travelling to Japan in 2009 for a Postgraduate Seminar at the IOKAI Shiatsu Institute in Tokyo with Haruhiko Morita further enhanced her abilities and knowledge.

She teaches courses at the Shiatsu School Arti in Movimento in Genova, Italy, since 2008.

April 2018 Kristina Hansen followed her dream to return back to her roots. Her father came from Lillesand and had settled down in the USA. Kristina was raised in N. J, USA. She visited Lillesand often in her childhood and has always had a strong connection to Sørlandet and her Norwegian family. With great pleasure, she has chosen to bring her knowledge and practice to Lillesand.

May 2018, Kristina Hansen opened her practice in Lillesand. For appointments or information please call tel. 480 78783 or write.