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Endermologie / LPG® Cellum6® keymodule i in Lillesand

Endermologie / LPG® is one of the most innovative, painless healing methods among those who favor natural solutions. It is a pioneer method for treating cellulite and to firm body shapes. In Lillesand, wellness-touch offers treatments to slim, improve figure contours and a smoother and firmer skin.

The method is recognized internationally and is scientifically approved. The highly precise technique of the „Cellu M6 Keymodule i“ provides an optimal stimulation of the connective tissue which can be compared to „skin gymnastics“, thus re-harmonizing the tissue with its natural functions. Since the method uses mechanic and physical rather than any electrical means, it stimulates circulation and the function of lymphatic system, thus favoring the reduction of metabolic waste products in the body (purification).



A session in Lillesand by wellness-touch takes approximately 35 minutes, during which the client wears a special suit to ensures his or her discretion and comfort. The method can be applied to clients of any age since its exclusive purpose is to reactivate the natural functions of their organism and skin.

In only 15 to 20 treatments achieve visible results in terms of reduced cellulite, firmer skin, less body fat in certain parts, improved body shape and better skin texture. To maintain the results achieved, we recommend one treatment per month.

In the medical field, the Endermologie/ LPG® technique is used to treat scars (post-surgical scars and burn injuries) by improving tissue elasticity and also shows notable positive results.



First single treatment: NOK 500.00
multiple sessions card (15 treatments): NOK 10’000.00
multiple sessions card (8 treatments): NOK 5’600.00

For specific therapeutic treatments, for example, scars, the price will be fixed at the first consultation.

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